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April 2015 Newsletter

 | Published on 3/31/2015

For a downloadable and complete version of this newsletter, click here: April Skiddoo 2015


President’s Message



On the Big Sky, Montana trip this year I was demoing some 100 mm waist-width skis with the intent of buying new skis when I got back home.  The first set I tried was 177 cm Volkl Mantra and I think that I liked them the best of the ones I demoed.  The last pair of skis, which I think were Blizzard Bonafides, I didn’t like so much because there was something wrong with the edges; they seemed to drag as though the shovels and tails were left too sharp after the skis were tuned.  I should have taken them back after the first run but that’s hind sight.  Our third run of the day, and my last, was down Lobo.  I was following Jim and Tim down the nicely groomed run, which had some nice pitches but nothing to slow down for.  I remember coming to a right turn onto steeper wall when I lost it because I caught an edge.  It is hard to say exactly what happened but my right ski came off and somehow I was twisted around violently enough to break my leg before I hit the snow.  My momentum carried the slide for a least 100 feet or more which was hard on my broken leg.  When I finally came to a stop, the first thing I noticed was my ski was pointing backwards and I had to roll over to get it pointing the right way.  


The ski patrol came within 10 minutes after a skier who had stopped called 911: I don’t know if I would have thought of that if the situation were reversed.  The toboggan ride down was fairly rough and took a while to get over to the first aid station where an ambulance was ready to haul me away. The lucky thing was that Nancy, who was notified by the ski patrol, was able to get down to the base area in time to stop the ambulance and ride up to Bozeman with me.  I didn’t know how bad the break was until the paramedics cut off my ski pants and I saw the bone poking through the skin.  They gave me some morphine so that they could remove my ski boot, which they heated up with a hair dryer to help spread the plastic shell.


I spent the next 8 days in Bozeman Deaconess Hospital and had three surgeries to repair my leg. The treatment I received was outstanding: all of doctors, therapists, and nurses were top notch and I got along well with most of them.  The doctors put me on blood thinners after it was found that I had blood clots in my lung due to a surgery.  Because of this medication we were not able to leave Bozeman until two days after I was discharged.  Luckily for us, we had bought the travel insurance because it paid for my travel back to Cedar Rapids with a nurse and door to door limo service at both ends.  It is also paying for some of my medical bills.


Slowly but surely I am healing up from my accident: the wounds are almost healed and I have started physical therapy.  It is going to be quite a while, though, before I can get out and swing my golf clubs but I bet that I see some league action before the summer ends.  I have a lot of work to do on my Model A, too.

The BIG question now is whether I will ski again.  I’d like to believe that I am the type that will get back on his horse to ride again.  But it’s going to be a different breed of horse.  I will trade in my racing thoroughbred for a saddle horse and ski at a much slower pace.  Getting older is hell because you realize that you can’t and shouldn’t do the things that you once did when you were 40 or 50.  I’ve noticed since I stopped playing volleyball competitively that it takes a long time to get your body (read legs) in shape to go skiing.  I found it scary how fast my legs have atrophied since my fall.  It’s going to take a lot of work to get them back in shape even to be able to walk the golf course.  It is not worth the risk ever again to go through this.  So if and when I get back on my skis, I will be skiing with a lot more control and at a much slower pace.





Family News

We are sorry to learn that East Iowa Ski Club member, Linda Jennings, lost her brother, Dwight Harold Jennings, 68, of Tipton.  He passed away, March 23, 2015. Our thoughts and Prayers go out to Linda and her family. 


We also wish for healing thoughts for Denny Bossard who had some bad luck trimming tree branches and has broken bones in his foot and ankle.  


Nothing Nights - Wed Eve

A long time tradition is to socialize on Wednesday nights, since there is nothing going on!   We will meet for supper and drinks at 7:00pm and see what’s going on. Our venue will stay at CJ’s Bar and Grill, 62 17th Ave SW, in Czech Village.


We have been having great turnouts at CJ’s.  The food and prices are good.  Watch here each month for the location or check the East Iowa Ski Club website calendar.  


Daylight Saving Time has begun and the Wednesday night bike rides can begin.  Join your friends for a ride at 5:50pm when weather permits.


Come on down!  You don’t want to miss out!

EISC Roughriders Hockey Night – Saturday, April 11th

Trip Leaders:

Dan Lombardo

Mary Kay Lombardo     


Game on! Plan to join your fellow EISC members for a Hockey game to see and Cedar Rapids Roughriders take on the Chicago Steel.

We have reserved 30 tickets for the April 11th game. Ticket price is $13. The seats are located in section C, rows 7 through 11. We currently have 28 members signed up for this event. Plan to sign up and pay at the February meeting.  These tickets are going fast!

  • 5:30 – 6:30 Happy Hour in the lobby
  • Game starts at 7:00
  • Post-game food and drink


We will meet in the lobby prior to the game, which starts at 7:00 pm. So please arrive by 6:30 pm to pick up your ticket. If you arrive late, your ticket will be waiting for you at the will call window.


If anyone has a suggestion for the post game food and drink location, let us know.

Game on!!


~Dan and Mary Kay


Post Party April 25 at the VFW, 3240 Southgate Place SW, 6:00 pm

So mark your calendar and join us for a fun night of great food, great friends, and great memories of the 2014-2015 season.  The fun starts at 6:00 pm for cocktails and conversation, 7:00 for dinner, 8:00 meeting, and the DJ, Easy Does It, start at 9:00.


Dress in your best party attire – or not.  Either way you will not feel out of place.  Whatever you do, wear your dancing shoes!  We plan on a slide show and a review of the year that is always fun.


The full affair will cost $35, and if you come after dinner the price is $14.  No reservation is needed for the dance only.  Entrée choices are: prime rib, baked chicken, or pork chop.  The meal includes salad, baked potato, a vegetable, and dessert.  There is a reservation form at the end of this newsletter or you can sign up at the next member meeting.


Contact Teri Barnhart 

Ann Robinson


Spring Picnic–June 6th-Squaw Creek Park Meadowlark Pavilion 2PM

Beer Taste and Tacky T Shirt Day

Join your friends at Meadowlark Pavilion in Squaw Creek Park. 


Bring your favorite beer to share or one you have wanted to try, and wear your tackiest T shirt!  There are 2 long rows of picnic tables under cover and a few in the open.  It’s a good day to bring your fun car or other fun vehicle.  Don’t forget your outdoor games and food items to share; there is electricity available for crock pots.  Bring a meat to grill for supper if you like.  We will provide a grill table ware, bottled water and some wine left over from other events.  We’ll go over the summer events, play some games and have a picnic.  Watch for sign-ups for the summer events.  Games and conversations start at 2PM and we’ll eat at 5pm.  Watch this space for more details.


Cedar Rapids Kernels’ Baseball Friday June 12 - Gates open at 5:30

It is almost time for baseball.  Aren't we all anxious for that?!


The game date is Friday, June 12 and the game time is 6:35 pm gates open at 5:30.  We have seats in sections 3 and 4 in the Arctic Insulation Party Plaza located down the right field lane, on the concourse above the Plaza bleacher seating.


The cost is $28.00.  The food is from 6:00 to 9:00.  The menu is hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, brats, popcorn, peanuts pop, bottled water and beer. 


It is a fun time for all.  Bring your checkbooks to next meeting.  Everyone is invited.  You don't have to be a member.


~Linda Berry


3rd Annual EISC Cedar Falls Bike Ride – June 20th

We are so excited to host another bike ride on our part of the Cedar Valley Trail; we’ve had a great time the last two years!    Again, we will have several different loops for riders to do, or we can all stay together.  There are still parts of the trail that we want to show off J   If you want to make a weekend of it, camping or hotels are conveniently located near the trails.  Just like the past years, we plan on biking, eating, drinking and being merry, so save the date - June 20th!  More details to come.

If interested/questions, contact Jane Young  Wendall Sents 

Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” ~ Charles M. Schulz


Classic/Sports Car Adventure – June 28th

Hosted by Teresa Smith with the help of her brother Mark.  Put this on your calendar and watch this space for more details.




Annual EISC Golf Outing – Saturday, July 25th – Brown Deer

Think spring and summer!!    EISC will have a golf outing at Brown Deer Golf Course in Coralville.  Please put this on your summer calendar and remember that this event is open to non-ski club members.  More information and signup sheets will follow! 

Contact: Ann Robinson,



Kim’s Korner


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East Iowa Ski Club Post Party Reservation Form   [Apr 25, 2015]


Name (please print)___________________________________________________________ 

Please indicate number attending on the lines below

Dinner / Dance - $35.00 (     ) per person for members (and member guest)

Dance Only $14.00 (Reservation not necessary for dance only)


Menu Choice:  [     ] Prime Rib    [     ] Pork Chop     [     ] Baked Chicken


Dinner Reservations must be made by April 17th. (Reservation not necessary for dance only)  
Send check, payable to EISC, to:  East Iowa Ski Club,  PO Box 843,  Cedar Rapids,  IA  52406-0843.