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May 2015 Newsletter

 | Published on 4/28/2015

For a downloadable and complete version of this newsletter, click here: May Skiddoo 2015


President’s Message


It’s time to start planning your summer activities and get them marked on your calendar so you don’t miss anything.  The ski club has a few activities already on our EISC calendar (check out the calendar on the website at and more to come as we find people to lead them. 


We start off with the Spring Picnic that is held at Squaw Creek Park’s Meadowlark Pavilion on June 6th.  This year, picnickers are asked to bring some of their favorite craft beers to share and their wackiest t-shirt to vie for a fabulous prize.  Also in June we have our annual Kernels baseball game on the 12th: contact Linda Berry to sign up or for more information.  On June 20th, we move to Cedar Falls for a bike ride on the trails around the town with Jane Young and Wendell Sents leading the pack.  This ride has gotten high praise from everyone the last two years.  You might consider camping out at Big Woods Lake after a long day on the bike saddle. The last event is the Classic and Sports Car cruise on June 28th that is being organized by Teresa Smith and her brother, Mark Hamer, who drove the yellow Corvette last year. Bring your hotrod, sports, muscle, or classic car (you can even ride your motorcycle) to Jersey’s Pub & Grub on C-street SW at 8 AM for a morning cruise before stopping for breakfast at a mystery location.

In July, we have our annual golf outing and this year Ann Robinson is organizing it so we will play Brown Deer in Coralville on July 25th.  Teeing off is at 8:00 AM sharp and we will play an 18-hole scramble tournament after which we will regroup at Ann’s house for cold beverages and a potluck lunch.  Non-ski club people are welcome play in the tournament, so form up a foursome and contact Ann to sign up soon.

On the 15th of August, we will be heading to Kathy Kenney Takes’ farm for some canoeing, kayaking, and camping. Last year the water was so low that there was more wading than paddling but this year should be better…right?  Our annual Corn Roast is scheduled for August 22nd at Sally Williams’ farm, which is just south and west of the Cedar Rapids airport.  This always fun event is a side dish potluck where you bring your own food to grill and fill up on whatever everybody else brought to share.  In the past, this was the first chance you had to sign up for the ski trips but with our Club Express system in place, this may change. The party usually starts around 2 PM and goes well into the night, when sometimes fireworks have been displayed. 

That’s all the activities the club has planned so far, but we hope to have more biking, hiking, and camping activities show up on our calendar as soon as we can find people to organize them.  So, if you want to do one of these activities and are so inclined to help organize and lead the event please contact any Board member.  We have talked about going to the High Trestle Trail by Boone or biking and camping at Saylorville Lake.  We, on the Board, are open to more ideas so feel free to contact us.

Lastly, I want to thank Chris Kalmar for his service on the EISC Board for the last 16 years.  He has been our resident electronics geek in charge of the video equipment and managed our website the last few years. It’s easy to spot him in a crowd because Chris is the one that is hunched over from all of the radios, camera(s), and tools hanging from lanyards around his neck.  He’s the only person I know that carries four cell phones.  A couple of years back we were skiing at Beaver Creek and Vail where we were given Epic Mix cards that kept track of how much you skied during the day by keeping track of the times you used every ski lift.  This was done using an RFID chip embedded in the Epic Mix card. Now Chris is a micro-circuit RF guy and so Jim Wittnebel gave Chris the challenge to figure out how this worked.  Well, a week later Jim got a full page report not only on how it worked but details on the chip itself!  Good luck to you Chris and we’ll look for you on the slopes.



Family News

We send our condolences to members who have lost loved ones recently:


Teresa Smith’s brother Pat Hamer passed away Saturday April 4.


David Mahlke’s brother Mark Mahlke passed away Saturday April 11.


Thank You

Thank you for the cards and prayers during this difficult time. It is nice to know we have such good friends. It is much appreciated.


~Teresa and Larry Smith

Nothing Nights - Wed Eve

A long time tradition is to socialize on Wednesday nights, since there is nothing going on!   We will meet for supper and drinks at 7:00pm and see what’s going on. Our venue will stay at CJ’s Bar and Grill, 62 17th Ave SW, in Czech Village.


We have been having great turnouts at CJ’s.  The food and prices are good.  Watch here each month for the location or check the East Iowa Ski Club website calendar.  


Daylight Saving Time has begun and the Wednesday night bike rides can begin.  Join your friends for a ride at 5:30pm when weather permits.


Come on down!  You don’t want to miss out!


Spring Picnic–June 6th-Squaw Creek Park Meadowlark Pavilion 2PM

Beer Taste and Tacky T Shirt Day and Ski Trip Announcement

Join your friends at Meadowlark Pavilion in Squaw Creek Park.  


Bring your favorite beer to share or one you have wanted to try, and wear your tackiest T shirt!  There are 2 long rows of picnic tables under cover and a few in the open.  It’s a good day to bring your fun car or other fun vehicle.  Don’t forget your outdoor games and food items to share; there is electricity available for crock pots.  Bring a meat to grill for supper if you like.  We will provide a grill table ware, bottled water and some wine left over from other events.  We’ll go over the summer events, play some games and have a picnic.  Watch for sign-ups for the summer events.  Games and conversations start at 2PM and we’ll eat at 5pm. 


We will be announcing the ski trips being planned for the coming 2015-2016 season.


Cedar Rapids Kernels’ Baseball Friday June 12 Gates open at 5:30

It is almost time for baseball.  Aren't we all anxious for that?!


The game date is Friday, June 12 and the game time is 6:35 pm gates open at 5:30.  We have seats in sections 3 and 4 in the Arctic Insulation Party Plaza located down the right field lane, on the concourse above the Plaza bleacher seating.


The cost is $28.00.  The food is from 6:00 to 9:00.  The menu is hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, brats, popcorn, peanuts pop, bottled water and beer. 


It is a fun time for all.  Bring your checkbooks to next meeting.  Everyone is invited.  You don't have to be a member to join this event.


~Linda Berry

3rd Annual EISC Cedar Falls Bike Ride – June 20th

We are so excited to host another bike ride on our part of the Cedar Valley Trail; we’ve had a great time the last two years!    Again, we will have several different loops for riders to do, or we can all stay together.  There are still parts of the trail that we want to show off J   If you want to make a weekend of it, camping or hotels are conveniently located near the trails.  Just like the past years, we plan on biking, eating, drinking and being merry, so save the date - June 20th!  More details to come.


If interested/questions, contact Jane Young or Wendall Sents 

Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.” ~ Charles M. Schulz

Sports/Classic Car Rally - June 28th

Whether you have a sports car, as classic automobile, a motorcycle, or you just want to tag along for a scenic drive, this is the event for you.  This year we are starting in the parking lot of Jersey’s Pub and Grub on C Street SW at 8:00 AM.  We will take our time, approximately 50 minutes, driving the beautiful rolling hills of eastern Iowa finishing our tour with a stop for breakfast in Solon.


I saw some pictures of beautiful women wearing lovely hats at last year’s rally and we are carrying that idea on this year.  So everyone bring out those beautiful women and fabulous hats to show them off.  Guys, I’ve seen some of your hats and you can join right in too.  Put on your chapeau and join the fun.


The address for Jersey’s lot is 5761 C St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

See you at 8:00 AM on Sunday the 28th.


Hosted by: Teresa Smith and Mark Hamer (Teresa’s brother)

Note: In the event of bad weather this event will be rescheduled.


EISC Golf Outing – Saturday, July 25th – Brown Deer

Think spring and summer!!    EISC will have a golf outing at Brown Deer Golf Course in Coralville.  $50 will get you a modified shotgun start, 18 holes with a cart, and a potluck at Ann Robinson’s after golfing.  Plan to arrive at Brown Deer no later than 7:15AM for the 8:00AM tee time.


Please put this on your summer calendar and remember that this event is open to non-ski club members. 

Contact: Ann Robinson


EISC Roughriders Hockey Night

The Cedar Rapids Roughriders completed their United States Hockey League regular season against the Chicago Steel in front of a loud and rowdy crowd that included 34 EISC members. We had great seats in Section C, rows 8-11.  This is the “attack” end of the rink that is defended by the visiting team for 2 of the 3 periods. We saw lots of up close action as the Roughriders dominated the action for most of the game.  The Roughriders offense was much more active than that of the Steel.


The Chicago Steel did their very best to make our evening forgettable as they were leading 3-1 half way through the second period.  Both teams changed goalies at this point in the game in order for the professional scouts in attendance to evaluate the full roster of both teams.  This is when the Roughriders flipped the switch and put on a show for us. The Roughriders scored 2 goals in the next 7 minutes to tie the game.  The Roughriders scored a goal in the 3rd period to win the game! It was a very exciting game to watch, just ask Ann Robinson.  I think the game of hockey has a new fan!


Club highlights during the game included Chris Kalmar and Kim Betts on the “Kiss Cam” and Sandra Cummings and Sally Williams on the “Dance Cam”.  The Roughriders announced presence of EISC members at the 2nd intermission and also wished Bill Bonewitz a very Happy Birthday.  After the game, Jeff Owen hung out with 14 of the Roughriders at Buffalo Wild Wings!


Until next year……………………………………………………………Game on!


~Dan and Mary Kay


Kim’s Korner

This month is a milestone in the new website launch.  The member side of www.EastIowaSkiClub is now available.  As of Saturday evening (6 days) 31 members have logged in to their account, some have added a photo to their account, added some biographical information, selected their areas of interest and looked at the forums.  Steve Cummings has uploaded a bunch of pictures from the Big Sky trip to his photo album and Teri Barnhart uploaded 61 of Gordy’s Post Party pictures.


All of you have the opportunity to upload pictures to your account.  The pictures shown on the web page are of a "compressed" format, so that they load quickly, but will not be print quality.  If you download any picture, you will receive the full resolution version, which should be much clearer and printable.


I emailed instructions on how to upload your pictures, so let me know if you have any issues.   

On the forum side, if you have an item to sell, or give away, check out the "Member Buy/Sell/Trade" forum and post your item.  This should send an email to all members who have opted in to receiving forum posts.  By default all members should receive an email with the forum post, so this is a great way to broadcast a message to the members.  You have 2 different ways of managing your forum alerts.  The first is "global" settings, which is applied to all the available forums.  The second is settings that is specific to each forum.   So it is possible to shut off certain forums you don't care to be alerted by.   If you signed up for an interest area, you will be alerted when anyone posts to the forum for that interest.  The other 2 general forums are Family News, so this is a great way to get information out about personal news.  The general forum "Just Sayin" is for everything else that doesn't have a category.


In the future, as we plan our trips, the website administrator will be creating forums that is specific to that trip.  This will help members and chair persons of that trip to communicate among themselves on ski transportation, changes in schedules, car-pooling and general conversation that comes with these trips.  If you haven't logged in, take the time to do so.  More things are coming to the website soon, and you won't want to miss out on news pertaining to your interest areas. 


~Kim Betts

Post Party

The East Iowa Ski Club held its annual season end party at the VFW this year and the new venue was a hit with the crowd of 65+ members and guests who attended. 


The meal was once again catered by Perrin Catering and they did a great job. 


The slideshow put together by Chris Kalmar and played through the early part of the evening was a fun backdrop for the cocktail hour, dinner, and short presentation. 


President Bob Thorkildson and Gary Masbruch led us through a recap of the 2014/2015 season and filled us in on the summer events coming up.  


Outgoing Board Member Chris Kalmar was presented with a shirt emblazoned with his name and the club logo, as recognition for his many years of service to the club.  Larry Smith was introduced as the newest board member and is sure to be an asset on the board of directors.


The DJ Easy Does It took over with music and we danced the night away.


Thanks to everyone who helped with setting up equipment, rearranging tables and chairs and then decorating for the event including: Anne Robinson, Linda Ferguson, Gary Masbruch, Dale and Rhonda Bohrer, Jim and Sarah Wittnebel, and Chris Kalmar.  Thanks Gary Masbruch for handling the details with the VFW.  Thank you also Gordon Bowman for the pictures.  It makes the newsletter so much more fun, and many of the pictures in the slideshow were Gordon’s.  Also thank you Jane Young for bringing the cake.


~Teri Barnhart