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August 2015 Newsletter

 | Published on 8/1/2015

For a downloadable and complete version of this newsletter, click here:  August Skiddoo 2015


President’s Message 7/31/15

The 2015 version of the annual EISC golf outing is history and this year’s winners are the Gordy Bowman team with a score of three under par.  A detailed list of the other winners is shown elsewhere in this newsletter.  The weather was a bit hot and humid with not much of a breeze, especially on the back nine in amongst the houses.  I was standing by the 18th green waiting for everyone to come in and it was hot.


Afterwards we all headed to Ann Robinson’s house for a pot luck meal, a few beers, and to learn the results.  I was surprised by the reaction of everyone who played to the Brown Deer course: they all seemed to like it.  My surprise was because I have played the course many times and have always found it a difficult track to play well.  I remember the first time I played it was the year that it opened and our golf league had the end-of-year tournament there.  The clubhouse was a trailer!  The existing back nine holes was the front nine and layout of the first couple holes was completely different than today.  I do remember hating the course afterwards because of the second hole and couples of others that I thought were asinine layouts and I swore I would never return.  A couple of decades later I returned to a course that today I really enjoy playing.


Golf is a simple sport, really, even though most of us don’t play it very well.  The game has a set of rules that many of us ignore because we are “only playing for fun” and strict rules preclude fun.  Golf leagues waive some of the rules in order to speed up play.  For instance, if you must hit your ball over a water hazard and after you hit your ball appears to go in the hazard then you must take a stroke and drop a ball on the far side of the hazard. This is so you don’t have to hit over the same hazard multiple times with the same results.


One rule that is always enforced, if it can be enforced at all, is speed of play.  Most golf courses schedule tee times that are 8 to 10 minutes apart, which means that on average it is expected a foursome to take, on average, only 8 to 10 minutes to play a hole.  Of course it takes longer for par 5’s than par 3’s.  That calculates to just over 3 hours for a foursome to finish playing a round of 18 holes although golf courses realistically expect you to finish in a little over 4 hours.  Our first foursome to finish came in at four and a half hours.  Our last group did not come in until almost five and a half hours!  For upscale golf courses this is not acceptable and I’ve seen people quit in the middle of the round because of slow play.


Avid golfers shun courses that they know allow slow play and this is why most of the upscale courses have “rangers” that drive around and try to hurry people up.  Our first group to come in was two holes behind the group in front of them: I know because I started watching the 18 hole at the four hour mark.


What does this all mean?  If we want to continue to hold our annual golf outing at nice golf courses like Brown Deer, Pleasant Valley, and the like we need to figure out how to get everyone to concentrate on golf and play faster.  Playing faster does not mean driving the golf cart faster.  Sure we want to have fun but we need to be respectful of the other golfers behind us, too.


~Bob Thorkildson, EISC President


Family News

Becky Gordon’s father, Donald Brosh, died Wednesday, July 22. Our heartfelt condolences to Becky and her family.


Nothing Nights - Wed Eve

A long time tradition is to socialize on Wednesday nights, since there is nothing going on!   We will meet for supper and drinks at 7:00pm and see what’s going on. Our venue will stay at CJ’s Bar and Grill, 62 17th Ave SW, in Czech Village.


We have been having great turnouts at CJ’s.  The food and prices are good.  Watch here each month for the location or check the East Iowa Ski Club website calendar.  

Wednesday night bike rides have begun.  Join your friends for a ride at 5:30pm when weather permits.  We usually ride south on the trail.  

Come on down!  You don’t want to miss out!


Takes’ Farm Kanoe, Kayak, and Kamp – Saturday Aug 15th

 Have you heard of the Whitewater Canyon Wildlife Area, one of only three true canyons in Iowa?  This 563 acre site straddles 3 counties; Jones, Dubuque and Jackson.  You'll find a 200 ft canyon, hiking trails, scenic overlooks, mature forests, open prairies, hidden caves, a winding river and no development.  On Aug. 15th, we invite you to come explore the Whitewater Canyon, or if you would rather, bring your canoe or kayak up and we'll help shuttle your vehicles to the Whitewater creek so you can float through the Canyon, it is a beautiful area!  A second option would be to put your boat in at Cascade and float the North Fork of the Maquoketa River right to our farm, it's a 2-3 hour trip.  Or, you might choose to come to the farm, sit in an inner tube and float the river through our farm, about a 30 - 45 min float, and then be shuttled back to the beach to lounge in the river, play volleyball or tour the area.

Our farm sits about 2.5 miles east of Cascade, and the North Fork runs through it.  The Whitewater Canyon is only about 1.5 miles to our NE as a crow flies.  We would love to have you come spend the day, evening, or night with us.  You can explore the area, or just relax along the river.  We have a volleyball net set up on one of the sand bars, and this river is only a few feet deep in most areas, so it’s a good place to float or play.  You are welcome to pitch a tent anywhere on the farm, (preferably not in a cow lot!)  Kids and Grandkids are welcome!  


  Saturday evening about 5:30 -6:00 we plan on grilling some of our home raised Angus burgers, along w/ french fries and Jim's famous homemade onion rings!

 We invite all of you to join us!  Bring a dish to share if you wish! After supper we'll get a bon fire going and maybe we can talk some of our musically inclined members or guests to entertain us!


It will be a good time, so if you don't have anything on your calendar that weekend, come on up and explore our neck of the woods! 


Hope to see all of you on the 15th of Aug.You can show up anytime of the day, we're always here.


~ Kathy and Jim Takes

Corn Roast 2015 – Saturday - Aug 22nd - 2:00PM

Mark your calendar for the party of the summer!!!  This will be your first chance to sign up for ski trips. Sales of the Park City and Interlaken trips will start at 2:00 pm.


- So don’t forget your checkbook!  The annual Corn Roast will again be hosted by Sally Williams at her farm near the Eastern Iowa Airport.


Get ready to have an afternoon/evening of festivities and feasting.  Activities will start at 2:00 pm with bean bag toss, bocce ball, etc.  The grill will be fired up around 5 pm.  For those who like to camp you’re welcome to bring a camper or a tent.  So bring a dish to pass, a meat to grill, your favorite lawn chair, any yard games you want to play, and a friend or two. We will provide plates, utensils, corn, pop, beer, wine, bottled water, and grill.  Cost is $4.00 which covers the beverages, corn, and kybo. 


This event is open to members and non-members.  Be sure to get there on time to sign up before the trips sell out!



High Trestle Bridge Trail Weekend Aug 28-30


Steve and Sandra Cummings trip leaders                                            


The Saturday, 8/29/15, bicycle trip on the High Trestle Bridge Trail is almost here.  The trail is free to ride and runs from Woodward to Ankeny, with the bridge between Woodward and Madrid.  There are 14members signed up to stay at the Fairfield Inn & Suites on the north end of Ankeny.  There are still 2 King rooms left – the rest have been reserved.  The rooms are $81 per person & includes the wine and cheese party.  All members going on the trip that are camping are invited to the party ($5 fee to cover expenses).  The camping option has to be arranged on your own, but it sounds like this is a popular choice for many members.  More information on camp sites at the end.  Campers who would like to come to the wine and cheese party – please sign up for planning purposes.   


The High Trestle Trail is 25 miles, paved (concrete and asphalt) surface from Woodward to Ankeny.  It is an all hours, no fees trail that runs through the towns of Woodward, Madrid, Slater, Sheldahl and Ankeny.  The trail highlighted feature is a 1/2- mile, 13-story high bridge across the Des Moines River valley, one of the largest trail bridges in the world.


Lots of options on the length of the bike ride.  Some will be making the 50 mile out and back ride.   Some members that are staying at the Fairfield are planning on driving over in the morning – a little over 2 hours from Cedar Rapids – parking some cars in Ankeny at the Fairfield – driving to Woodard and riding the 25 miles down to the motel.  We plan to run back up to get the cars before the wine and cheese party that Sandra will be coordinating at the Fairfield.  Some will start at Woodward or one of the other towns and ride until they are tired and return to their vehicle.  Many members are planning to go back after dark to do a trail walk on the bridge at night to see the lights. 



Food options include lots of lunch, ice cream & pie and beer stops at the towns along the trail.  The Nighthawk Bar and Grill in Slater & the Flat Tire Lounge on the trail were mentioned in a couple of articles.  The best options for dinner look like somewhere in Ankeny, although the campers will have something good ready to go after the wine and cheese party. 


We are collecting money for the Fairfield Inn and Wine and Cheese party now – we want a final count 2 weeks before the ride, Aug. 15th.  People can pay for the Fairfield at the Corn Roast or send the money into Janet at the EISC PO Box.   This is going to be a fun bicycle trip! 


~Thanks, Steve and Sandra


High Trestle Bridge Trip Camping Options:


Favorite camping options for the High Trestle Bridge Trip include Swede Point Park 2 miles outside of Madrid and the Ledges Park about 11 miles off the trail.     The contact information for those parks is:


 Swede Point Park                               

Address: 1601 322nd Ln, Madrid, IA 50156  Phone:(515) 353-4237


Ledges State Park     The majority of the ski club campers are camping at this park.  The Ledges State Park is a state park of Iowa, USA, located approximately 4 miles south of the city of Boone. The park contains a sandstone gorge carved by Pea's Creek, a tributary of the Des Moines River. Address: 1515 P Ave, Madrid, IA 50156  Phone: (515) 432-1852

Prairie Flower South Campground

Address: 10498-10534 NW Lake Dr, Polk City, IA 50226  Phone:(515) 984-6925


Cherry Glen Campground

Address: 4338 North West 94th Place, Ankeny, IA 50021   Phone:(515) 964-8792


Boundary Waters Sept 8-16

   Hi everyone.  We now have 12 confirmed takers for this event and we are full!  BUT get your name on the waiting list if you are interested just in case someone can’t go.


    I had a really good response for the boundary water expedition, which creates a minor problem.  Only 9 people can stay at each campsite over night with each permit.  If you’re OK with splitting into two groups once were there, No Problem!  I have two permits, one for a base camp and one for those wanting to travel on north, camping at different sites as they explore other lakes.  What I need now is a solid yes so I know who is serious about going.  The start date is Sept 8th. The finish date is still adjustable up to 9 days. Send me a check for $100 bucks if you’re up for this adventurer to hold your spot.  This would be fully refundable up to the day we leave, (no cancellation date)  It’s just earnest money.    


    My plan is to leave by noon Sept 8th, spend the night just north of Minneapolis, then arrive early afternoon on the 9th at the outfitters on Moose Lake.  That will give us plenty of time for orientation, final plans, packing and relaxing before dinner and our night in the bunkhouse.  After breakfast we will load on to a power boat (taxi) for a ride to the end of Moose Lake to begin our voyage


    The choices for gear and food range from complete service provided by the outfitter to providing everything yourself. In the past each person has provided their own except for a canoe. If you’re short something the outfitter will rent it to you. There are things we can share and we will have a meeting to work out details. (Canoe mates, sharing of tents & stoves, things of that nature.)


    Please go to   It has all kinds of info on what to take and the service they provide.  Plus I and others are full of suggestions


      Partial estimate or expenses.

        Gas                                  $45              

        Motel                                $35

Permit                              $16

Fishing license                 $40

Bunkhouse & meals         $50

Canoe                              $140

Taxi                                  $66 

Food & incidentals             ?

Subtotal estimate            $392


Hope to hear from you soon.  

~Dick Means 



EISC Annual Kickoff Sept 19th- 2PM Squaw Creek, Red Cedar Lodge

Come out and enjoy a nice afternoon in Squaw Creek Park, in Linn County at the SE edge of Marion at the corner of Highway 13 and Highway 100.  The entrance to the park is on Highway 100.  Watch for the EISC signs that will direct you to the Red Cedar Lodge. 


There are a few trails to walk, a gorgeous view, and nice fall temperatures.  Bring a dish or side to share and we will have pork burgers grilled on site along with buns and condiments, a keg of beer, pop and wine. 


There will be updates and info on all the trips, and socializing. 


It’s the first club meeting of the fiscal year.  Cost is $5.00 for guests and membership dues are $30 for singles and $47 for households.  What a deal that is when you look at the meetings and numerous events we provide during the year.


The Red Cedar Lodge will be open at 2pm, with pork burgers grilled at 6pm.



Interlaken Switzerland Jan 22-30  Or add Prague Czech Republic Jan 22-Feb 4 


Trip Chairs:  Brian and Tammy Keller


Interlaken 1 week ski trip                       Interlaken trip with 5 days in Prague


Dates: January 22 – 30                         Dates: January 22 – February 4

Cost:            $2009                                Cost:            $2335

1st Payment: $1000 Aug/Sept                1st Payment: $1200 August/September

2nd Payment: $1009 October                 2nd Payment: $1135 October

Cancellation Date:   October 17, 2015


We are going skiing in Switzerland.  You have a choice between two great trips.  One week of skiing at Interlaken or one week of skiing at Interlaken and 5 days of sightseeing in Prague.  Both trips start off together with all skiing or sightseeing at Interlaken.  After a week at Interlaken the trip takers of the Interlaken only trip fly home and the trip takers of the extended trip head to Prague for 5 days.  We have room for 10 people on the Interlaken 1 week ski trip and room for 28 on the 1 week ski trip with 5 day Prague extension.  So we can have up to a total of 38 people skiing the week at Interlaken.


We fly from Cedar Rapids into Zurich and get bused to Interlaken.  Stay at the Oberland a 3-star hotel for 7 nights lodging, breakfast and evening meals each day.  Lift tickets are not included.  At this time alltaxes, fuel surcharges, and departure fees are included.  We are flying United and there may be additional baggage fees.  The folks on the 5 day extension will be bused to Prague staying at the Ametyst a 4 star hotel for 5 night lodging breakfast each day. 


Sign up will be at the corn roast with the first 38 people paying the deposit getting on the trip. 


~Brian & Tammy Keller   



Canyons/Park City/Deer Valley Utah Ski Trip February 20-27, 2016

Trip chairs are:  Kathy Takes

                          Steve Cummings:  


The EISC Corn Roast will be the first opportunity for EISC members to sign up for the Canyons / Park City / Deer Valley Ski Trip.  We will be staying at the Silverado Lodge condos at the Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah.  The ski package includes 5 day of lift tickets of which 4 are interchangeable between the Canyons and Park City Resorts.  There is a one day lift for Deer Valley Resort – more information later. 


Seniors (65+) get a $30 discount on the lift ticket package.  The package includes a $15 lunch voucher for the 4 days we will be skiing the Canyons and Park City Resorts. 


We will be in the Silverado Lodge in 2 bedroom, 2 to 3 bath condos (we are working to get some 3 bed condos).  The Silverado is a very nice, large condo complex in the village, about 150 yards from the gondola and is on the continuous loop shuttle route.  The Canyons will be connected to Park City by high speed gondola this year making it the largest ski resort area in the United States.  The free city bus service in Park City is great with bus stop pick up every 20 minutes, or you can walk across the street in the village to the lifts.   


Pricing is as follows:


$1450 full Pkg, W/O Air $994, $1165 W/O Lifts, $709 Land Only.

Payment Schedule Is: Full Pkg: $500 Aug/Sept, $500 Oct, $450 Nov

W/O Air: $350 Aug/Sept, $350 Oct, $294 Nov

W/O Lifts: $400 Aug/Sept, $400 Oct, $365 Nov,

Land Only: $300 Aug/Sept, $300 Oct, $109 Nov.


Seniors, 65+ $1420 Full Pkg, W/O air $964 for Seniors 65+, $1165 W/O Lifts, $709 Land Only.

Seniors Payment Schedule Is: Full Pkg: $500 Aug/Sept, $500 Oct, $420 Nov

   Seniors W/O Air: $350 Aug/Sept, $350 Oct, $264 Nov,

W/O Lifts: $400 Aug/Sept, $400 Oct, $365 Nov,

Land Only: $300 Aug/Sept, $300 Oct, $109 Nov.


The trip cancellation date is Nov 21.

In 2008 the EISC visited Park City and had a great time with deep snow conditions.  The resorts have changed quite a bit since that time.  Following are some of the highlights of the Canyons and Deer Valley Ski Resorts.   We want to cover Park City resort, the Silverado Lodge and the city itself more next month.  I was looking at some of the pictures from the earlier trip that brought back some fun memories.  Here are a couple of Dave Brown taming the deep powder and getting ready to try the ski jump at the Olympic village in Park City. 


Canyons Resort

For the 2015-2016 ski season, the company intends to operate the two resorts as one unified branded experience under the name "Park City Mountain Resort".  The Canyons base area will be renamed "Canyons at Park City".  The company will continue to maintain the unique history and atmosphere of the two base areas with differentiated marketing for the diverse hotel and hospitality experiences.


With thrilling adventures across 4,000 acres and nine mountains of majestic terrain, Canyons Resort, located in stunning Park City, is Utah’s largest and most dynamic ski and snowboard resort. Canyons’ lively resort village bustles with two dozen dining restaurants like the award-winning farm-to-table venue, Farm at Canyons.  The Orange Bubble Express, North America’s first enclosed and heated chairlift; Ski Beach, a lively après ski gathering area.


Located in Park City, Canyons Resort is Utah’s largest single ski and snowboard resort.  It has 182 trails, 19 lifts, three terrain parks, six natural half pipes, nine diverse lodging properties, more than 20 dining venues, and a state-of-the-art spa and is an easily accessible world-class mountain destination.


Elevation: Base - 6,800 feet, Summit - 9,990 feet;   Vertical Rise: 3,192 ft.;   Terrain:  10% Beginner, 44% Intermediate, 46% Expert.  There are 9 mountains and 5 bowls.

If there has been recent snow, head into The Pines located off the north side of Saddleback Express or hit anything on the north side of Ninety-Nine 90.  If you head over to the DreamScape and DreamCatcher areas first thing in the morning you will find the quietest section of the resort and a massive amount of tree skiing plus wide open runs, you will likely be the first one on a groomed run or if it has snowed, guaranteed fresh tracks.


The adventurous should head into the Condor woods and chose a line among the pine trees, the run ends in Canis Lupus, a quarter mile long natural halfpipe that holds a timed race on every spring.  Make sure to check-out the latest addition to the resort - the Iron Mountain with over 300 more acres of amazing terrain featuring a new high-speed quad and a dozen new trails.  We will be staying at the Canyons and have a 4 day lift ticket that also works at the next door neighbor, Park City Resort.  The new high speed tram connecting the resorts will make travel between the two relatively easy.  We have a one day lift ticket for Deer Valley.


Welcome to Deer Valley Resort!

The EISC is very fortunate to be able to include a one day ticket to Deer Valley Resort in this season’s Canyons / Park City trip lift ticket package.  Although it was mentioned Deer Valley may be a little elegant for the club, it will be easy to enjoy the spectacular scenery, the picture perfect groomed slopes, the incredible dining options and world class customer service.  Whether we are exploring the bowls, moguls, corduroy cruisers or enjoying the scenery and award winning cuisine it will be a great time for the skiers in the club (sorry, no snow boards are allowed).   


Enjoy The Greatest Snow On Earth® with an annual average of 300 inches blanketing Deer Valley’s six mountains – Little Baldy Peak, Bald Eagle, Bald, Flagstaff, Empire and Lady Morgan – offering a thrilling day for skiers of all abilities.  Challenge yourself on the very runs skied by Olympians during the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games; take a ski lesson and learn the basic fundamentals of an exciting, new sport; or treat yourself to Deer Valley’s award-wining cuisine. We are excited to show you just how wonderful a Deer Valley Resort vacation can be and to share the “Deer Valley Difference” with you.


The ski resort industry forever changed 34 years ago when Edgar Stern developed Deer Valley Resort on the novel concept of combining the first-class services, luxury accommodations and gourmet food of a fine hotel with skiing.  The list of Deer Valley firsts in the ski industry is extensive and is what has garnered the resort consistent #1 rankings in service, grooming and on-mountain food by the readers of SKI Magazine.


Deer Valley consistently delivers an unmatched experience for your winter vacation.  Understanding that the finer details make a big difference, which is why Deer Valley offers first-class amenities such as uniformed ski valets, groomed-to-perfection slopes, award-winning cuisine, and convenient lift, lodging and rental packages.  Deer Valley Resort is known for designing magnificent lodges in the vein of National Park buildings.

"The fundamental philosophy at Deer Valley since its inception in 1981 has been a commitment to excellence in everything we do," says Bob Wheaton, resort president and general manager.  "Every employee at the resort, whether seasonal or full time, is educated in this dedication to service and it is the key to Deer Valley's great success in a relatively short lifetime.  This unyielding philosophy is what will continue to bolster Deer Valley's success going forward."      


Under Wheaton's leadership, Deer Valley has invested more than $100 million in improvements to its 2,026 acres, growing from five chairlifts to 21; from 35 ski runs to 101; from two day lodges to three; from 50 ski instructors to more than 500, ranking it as one of the largest ski schools in the country; and from 200 total employees from the first season to 2,600 today, many of whom have been with the company 20 years or more.  Yet with all the improvements, lift ticket sales are limited to 7,500 each day, and with well over half of its chairlifts being high speed, the resort boasts one of the highest uphill capacities in the country.


The base altitude of Deer Valley is 6,570 feet.  The altitude in the mid-mountain area is 8,100 feet. The altitude at the Empire summit is 9,570 feet.  The town of Park City is located at 7,000 feet above sea level and chairlifts enable us to ski up to 10,000 feet.  The Deer Valley terrain is 27% beginner, 41% Intermediate, 32% advanced and truly offers something for everyone.  You don’t want to miss this chance to ski the legendary Deer Valley. 


We are looking forward to skiing all three resorts and enjoying all of the sites and activities in the Park City area.  Please sign up early at the Corn Roast or have someone get your deposit in and we will get you on the list.  I know several members are planning on driving out.  We need to have a minimum of 20 people buying airline tickets.  This is going to be a great trip and we are really looking forward to getting the sign up started.


~Thanks, Kathy and Steve    


Sports/Classic Car Rally - June 28th  

June 28th started out chilly and rainy.  Who would have thought at the end of June that we would be in long sleeves?  We had 14 die hard members with 7 cars come and enjoy the drive.


A huge thank you goes out to my brother, Mark Hamer, for mapping out a fantastic route.  We left Jerseys drove through Ely and Solon on our way towards Mahaffey Bridge.  We turned just before crossing it to ride the winding road that leads to Sugar Bottom’s day use area.  If you’ve never been on it, you are really missing something.  I was driving my brothers Miata and I tell you, it was a blast!


From there we made our way down roads I had never been on, which turned out to be just as fun as the one to Sugar Bottom.  Larry commented at one point that we were on the road that Kirk Ferentz lived on.


We made our way into Mount Vernon for Breakfast at Scorz Bar and Grill and as we pulled in it stopped raining.  The service left something to be desired but the conversation and company was fantastic, as always.  Mark shared a story about an accident his Corvette had the night before. Very traumatic for Mark but turned out not so bad for the car.


By the time we were done with breakfast the sun was out and we were able to get a group picture in front of the restaurant.  Oh, and spend some time admiring the cars.  As we made our way home we hit a nasty cloud burst.  I couldn’t see more than 10 feet in front of me.  Now remember I was driving my brothers other sports car, not so much fun.


Anyway, I think everyone enjoyed the time on the road and together.  Mark and I look forward to doing it again next year, just with better weather.


~Teresa Smith and Mark Hamer


Annual Golf Outing – July 25th – Brown Deer Golf Club

Thirty-two golfers played a team of 4 best ball format at Brown Deer Golf Course in Coralville on July 25.  The day became sunny and rather hot, but everyone claimed to have a good time golfing on a beautiful course.  Afterward golfers and friends gathered at Ann’s home for a potluck meal and awarding of prizes.  Six special event prizes were awarded:  Longest Drive for Men went to Marty Stimson, Longest Drive for Women to Jill Ferguson, Closest to the Pin (front nine) to Chuck Kent, Closest to the Pin (back nine) to Roy Rios, Long Putt (front nine) to Jeff Owen and Long Putt (back nine) to Sarah Wittnebel.  Prizes were also awarded the top two teams with 1st place scoring a 68 to Gordy Bowman, Diana Rios, Ray Rios and Roy Rios and 2nd place with a 69 to Steve Cummings, Sandra Cummings, Marty Stimson and Janet Stimson. Congratulations everyone!  This was my first time organizing a club event, and I had a good time.  We look forward to doing this again next summer.  Thank you all!


~Ann Robinson


Kim’s Korner


You should have received your renewal notice via email.  This notice is generated from Club Express and gives you an opportunity to renew online.  The folks who have done so are pleased with the ease of renewal.   Please take time to renew your membership now-this will lessen the burden on the volunteers who work tirelessly to keep the ski club humming along. 


The process will allow you to pay for your membership via credit card.  You may also pay via check by sending it to the Post Office box listed on your invoice.  Just select the option “Print Invoice and Send Check” (see below).   You can also take your check or cash to the Corn Roast or Kickoff meeting along with your invoice.


For those of you with no internet access, the board members can help you out at the Corn Roast or Kickoff, or as always, let me know and I can meet with you at Nothing Nights.  Let the board know of you opinions on this process and any other thoughts on the website.  Your input is important to us!


Rules for Major EISC Trip Sales by Jim Wittnebel

We are excited for this coming season’s two major ski trips to wonderful destinations of Salt Lake Canyons and Interlaken Switzerland/Prague.   As these trips go on sale (beginning with the corn roast), the EISC board wants to establish some ground rules to help in the fairness to the EISC membership. This is the result of lessons learned, concern, and feedback received especially from those that want the opportunity to purchase a trip but can’t due to the trips being sold out in a short amount of time.   Please note the following rules for our first day of trip sales (EISC corn roast) as follows:

  • You aren’t on the trip unless there is an opening and a deposit is paid
  • You must be a EISC member for a minimum of one year prior to August 22, 2015
  • Trips sales begin 2 PM at the EISC corn roast and not before
  • If you can’t attend the corn roast, you can give your deposit to a non-board member not including the trip chair or assistant to sign-up on your behalf
  • Initial sign-up is for one trip per member.  If you want to sign-up for both trips, then your name and deposit will be placed on a want–to-go list by the trip chair of your second trip.   At corn roast day end (6 pm) the want-to-go list will go active (sign up complete) as trip openings are available.  Should the trip be filled prior, then your deposit check will be returned and you’ll be placed on a trip waiting list.


After the first day of trip sales the rule restrictions on time of trip sales, one year membership minimum, and member delay in signing up for two trips are eliminated.